An Unforgettable Journey

With its rugged, ancient landscape, the Larapinta Trail is one of the most spectacular multi-day hiking experiences in the world. Situated in the heart of Central Australia, the Larapinta Trail extends over 223 kilometres along the backbone of the West MacDonnell Ranges.


The Larapinta Trail begins at the old Alice Springs Telegraph Station and meanders through many gaps and sheltered gorges, climbing steeply over rugged ranges, offering a myriad of stunning views and opportunities to photograph or admire the spectacular landscape. The Larapinta Trail takes in a variety of desert habitats before rewarding walkers with magnificent 360° panoramic vistas, from the summit of Mt Sonder – the highest point and end of the trail.


Camping out under a sea of stars in the outback is a highlight of the trail experience – sleep in a swag under the infinite sky, eat delicious campfire meals and wake to the smell of real coffee. Trek Larapinta employs the most experienced, passionate and knowledgeable guides on the trail; as we hike through this ancient, rugged land, they will take the time to pause in the shade, relax and share what they know about the place.


Whatever your motivation for walking the Larapinta Trail – the spectacular sunrises and sunsets, the inspirational isolation, the physical challenge or the window it provides to the varied and fragile ecology – the beauty and grandeur of the Larapinta Trail will leave a lasting impression.