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Trek Larapinta – End to End Larapinta Trail trek: by far the best option!

See our latest review on Trip Advisor – thanks Caroline! 

Just got back from the Trek Larapinta end to end and I am ready to walk with these guys again. It was a truly amazing trip.

 The guides are informed, fun, open, hilarious and inspiring people. The track is incredibly changing and beautiful. Each day was a delight with our guides celebrating the small and great things along the way, from tiny plants to crooning with the dingoes. The food and campsites were spectacular and the sea of stars at night and total silence a gift.

We passed a number of solo and small group independent walkers, many of whom commented that they would have prefered to be walking with our guides and group. A couple of independents stopped their walk after realising their pack weight from water etc was too much. If you are wanting to undertake this walk safely without the pack weight and in a small group, then Trek Larapinta is by far the best option!

It is also worth noting that Trek Larapinta has an outstanding record for care and protection of the natural environment and I was really impressed with their level of commitment to sustainability and to supporting other local businesses.

 I would do this walk again tomorrow with this crew if I had the chance and I will certainly be doing other walks with this company in the future.

 Caroline on Trip Advisor – May 2013.

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Trek Larapinta: 7 Stars For an Unforgettable Hiking Experience on the Larapinta Trail

Thank you to a recent guest of Trek Larapinta who wrote a wonderful review about his recent Larapinta Trail trek on Trip Advisor:

“Trek Larapinta is a small local Australian company. There is nothing small about the experience. The set up is professional, well planned, well thought out and combined with excellent guides with local knowledge and passion for what they do. This creates a most unforgettable hiking experience. The base camp model works really well for this trek, the camp is a ‘home’ in a desert creek, with campfire, open air kitchen (great food) and well spaced tents, a haven to return to each night. The toilet facilities were the best ‘bush’ toilets I have experienced on 4 continents, and easily surpassed many campground and public toilets around the world. This is a credit to the companies passion, eco-friendly approach and overall aim at pleasing their customers.

If I could give them 7 stars, I would.”

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Don’t forget to add your review at Trip Advisor – follow this link and include Trek Larapinta in the title of your review

Trek Larapinta and LANDTALK

Matt Sykes, founder of LandTalk and a participant on Trek Larapinta’s recent Volunteer Program on the Larpainta Trail in April 2013, shares his experience about the amazing week he had helping with track maintenance and exploring the Larpainta Trail – thanks Matt and LandTalk.


The Larapinta Trek Larapinta makes it into Lonely Planet as one of Australia’s greatest adventures

The Larapinta Trail is featured as one of Australia’s greatest adventures in the new Lonely Planet guide “Lonely Planet’s Great Adventures © Lonely Planet 2012”. Read how Trek Larapinta are described as one of the most experienced operators on the trail.

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Trek Larapinta with German n-tv

Trek Larapinta hosted a German film crew filming a segment about the Larapinta Trail for one of their travel shows on German television, n-tv. Called “This is My Australia – Northern Territory with Michaela May” see how Trek Larapinta featured on German television in August 2012.