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Trek Larapinta End to End Larapinta Trail trek – absolutely recommended

Thanks to Nick a recent guest who was not disappointed on his 16 day End to End Larapinta Trail trek:

Trek Larapinta ‘End to End’  is a guided and vehicle supported 16 day trek through the West MacDonnell Ranges in Central Australia. It is challenging, but our guides (Katrina and Ann) made it a fantastic experience. I cannot praise them enough, whether it was preparing tasty meals, planning the next day, helping those who needed it or providing foot care. They were terrific. Trek Larapinta run a seamless operation and the planning and support behind the walk is excellent. If you want to get right in some amazing country and have the satisfaction of walking the Larapinta trail ‘end to end’ then you will not be disappointed

Nick on Trip Advisor – August 2013

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Exploring the Larapinta Trail with Trek Larapinta

Trek Larapinta recently hosted Kraig Becker, an American travel writer, on the Larapinta Trail. Kraig was in Central Australia to experience all things outback including the Alice Springs Camel Cup and the Larapinta Trail.  Hear what he had to say (with the best bits from about the 11 minute mark!)

End to End Larapinta Trail trek: wonderful experience with Trek Larapinta

Such a wonderful experience with Trek Larapinta – Jennifer shares her thoughts on her time on the End to End Larapinta Trail trek in August 2013.

“Having just finished a 16 day end to end trek with Trek Larapinta (Australia Wilderness Adventures) I cannot begin to explain how wonderful this experience was. The management of the entire expedition by this company was outstanding and the Trek guides who looked after us were unbelievable…..experienced, funny, knowledgeable, great cooks, everything you could possibly want in tour leaders.

The scenery in the West McDonnell Ranges was absolutely outstanding, the flora and fauna was incredible (and we saw most of it). The best part was that the guides were able to provide us with the information as we walked because they knew the calls of the animals/birds as well as the looks. They could tell us about the bush tucker, berries, plants, ancient flora……everything.

Make no mistake, this is not an easy walk….it is an exceptionally difficult trek, but with the experience and understanding of these guides to help you through the difficult days, you can experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to see and do something truly magnificent.

Thank you so much Trek Larapinta for providing such wonderful guides who were truly caring about our experience on this trek, could provide miracles out of a camp oven and told wonderful stories around great campfires.”

Jennifer on Trip Advisor – August 2013.

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Thanks Jennifer!